May 22, 2024

Could Jacoby Brissett be a suitable option for the Broncos at quarterback? If he were to join the Denver team, he’d understand the responsibilities involved, as demonstrated by his stints with various teams in recent years.

Last season in Washington, Brissett stood ready in case the Commanders sought an alternative to their second-year quarterback, Sam Howell. When called upon, Brissett delivered, showcasing an impressive 146.8 passer rating in limited game time.

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In previous seasons, Brissett filled in as a starter for multiple teams, including the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins, displaying superior performance metrics compared to established quarterbacks like Deshaun Watson. While he may not be seen as a long-term starter at 31 years old, Brissett’s experience suggests he can provide solid, if not spectacular, play.

Under the coaching of Sean Payton, Brissett could potentially exceed expectations, as Payton has a history of maximizing quarterbacks’ abilities. Despite not belonging to the top echelon of quarterbacks, Brissett has proven himself capable of delivering league-average performance and providing valuable support and mentorship to younger quarterbacks.

In recent years, Brissett’s playing time has been limited, but his efficiency metrics rank favorably among his peers. His EPA/play and success rate put him ahead of notable quarterbacks like Russell Wilson over a four-season span.

While Brissett may not be considered among the NFL elite, he could offer the Broncos comparable production to more high-profile quarterbacks at a fraction of the cost. Thus, he presents an intriguing option for the team as they strategize for the upcoming season.

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