May 27, 2024

The Denver Broncos have filled a coaching vacancy by promoting Jamar Cain, a specialist in pass-rushing, to the position of defensive line coach. This move follows the departure of former DL coach Marcus Dixon to the Minnesota Vikings. Cain, who previously worked as a coach at LSU, was brought to Denver in 2023 to enhance the team’s edge-rushing capabilities, particularly with players like Nik Bonitto, whom he had coached at Oklahoma.

Broncos name Jamar Cain as Defensive Line Coach

Bonitto credited Cain for his development as an edge rusher. Now, Cain will focus on improving the Broncos’ defensive line, which accounted for only eight of the team’s 42 sacks last season, with Zach Allen contributing five. With uncertainty surrounding the status of starting nose tackle DJ Jones and the need for reinforcement across the line, Cain’s role becomes crucial for Denver’s defensive strategy.

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