May 19, 2024

he Atlanta Falcons are poised to add Josh Uche to their roster, according to experts who consider Atlanta the optimal destination for the talented pass rusher. Despite bolstering their defensive front in the previous offseason with signings like Bud Dupree, Calais Campbell, and David Oneymata, the Falcons are still exploring options to enhance their pass rush. ESPN specifically highlights Atlanta as the prime landing spot for Josh Uche, currently with the New England Patriots, citing the potential impact of Uche’s 18.5 sacks over four seasons, including a notable career-high of 11.5 sacks in 2022.

The reason behind Josh Uche's breakout season - Pats Pulpit

Uche, a former second-round pick from Michigan, has emerged as a sought-after free agent in the offseason, earning recognition from ESPN as the 47th best player available. The Falcons’ interest in Uche aligns with their defensive strategy under new coordinator Jimmy Lake, which incorporates a base 3-4 scheme with flexibility for hybrid linebacker/edge rusher roles. This approach mirrors the successful utilization of players like Lorenzo Carter within their defensive structure.

Raheem Morris, known for his adeptness in maximizing versatile defensive talent, has a history of effectively deploying players in roles similar to Uche’s hybrid linebacker/edge rusher position. This strategy has proven successful, as evidenced by Leonard Floyd’s performance under Morris with the Los Angeles Rams. Despite their slightly undersized stature for traditional defensive ends, both Floyd and Uche have excelled in generating pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

Given Morris’s track record and the Falcons’ pressing need for pass-rushing assistance, ESPN’s designation of Atlanta as Uche’s “best fit” appears well-founded.

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