July 15, 2024

NFL icon Chad Johnson recently hinted at Russell Wilson’s potential move to the Pittsburgh Steelers, adding fuel to speculation about Wilson’s departure from the Denver Broncos. Johnson’s revelation comes amidst reports of Wilson listing his $25 million Denver residence for sale, further suggesting his likely exit from the Broncos, who benched him late last season. While NFL Network reports indicate the possibility of Wilson retaining his starting role with the Broncos, Johnson’s insight offers a fresh perspective on Wilson’s future destination.

Russell Wilson sideline argument is proof of a problem - Sports Illustrated

During an episode of his show ‘Nightcap,’ Johnson cryptically shared insider information, suggesting Wilson’s potential switch to the Steelers. Johnson stated, “A little birdie told me, and I said this many shows ago. Russell Wilson’s coming on over there to the Steelers.” This speculation gains traction as the Steelers navigated through a tumultuous season with three different quarterbacks, none of whom secured a firm grip on the starting position.

Kenny Pickett, the Steelers’ top pick last season, struggled to make significant strides in his sophomore year, prompting speculation about the team’s search for a new franchise quarterback. In contrast, despite a decline in performance since his tenure with the Seahawks, Wilson has outperformed the Steelers’ quarterbacks in recent years. Should the Broncos part ways with Wilson, he could emerge as a coveted free agent, offering the Steelers a compelling option to bolster their quarterback position.

Wilson’s benching in December, despite commendable season stats, underscores tensions between him and the Broncos, stemming from contract negotiations. Refusing the team’s request for a pay cut further strained the relationship, leading to his replacement by backup Jarrett Stidham. The Broncos now face the prospect of absorbing significant dead salary cap penalties, amounting to $85 million over the next two seasons if they release Wilson post-June 1st.

Chad Johnson’s remarks have redirected attention towards Wilson potentially joining the Steelers, diverging from earlier speculation linking him to the Atlanta Falcons. As the offseason progresses, Wilson’s future in the NFL remains a subject of intense speculation and intrigue.

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