May 27, 2024

The Atlanta Falcons’ new coaching staff is exploring various ways to utilize tight end Kyle Pitts, acknowledging his versatility beyond just being a receiving threat.

Kyle Pitts - Atlanta Falcons Tight End - ESPN

While Pitts has excelled as a receiver with his size and athleticism, the new staff aims to integrate him more into the run game. Previously, Pitts was often lined up as a wide receiver while other tight ends handled blocking duties. However, Offensive Coordinator Zac Robinson and Tight Ends Coach Kevin Koger are signaling a shift in strategy, emphasizing Pitts’ potential as an all-around tight end.

Koger highlights Pitts’ athleticism and suggests that he can contribute significantly to the team’s running game, not just as a receiver but also in various roles on the field. The Falcons are considering whether to exercise Pitts’ fifth-year option, which would demonstrate their confidence in his ability to excel in their evolving offensive scheme for the 2024 season.

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