May 19, 2024

The Denver Broncos might release Russell Wilson, prompting speculation about his next destination in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers have emerged as the frontrunners to acquire him, according to betting odds from DraftKings. With uncertainty surrounding the Steelers’ quarterback situation, Wilson could potentially fill the void, especially as the team considers options like Kenny Pickett and Mason Rudolph.

Russell Wilson to the Steelers? Here's what this Pro Bowler had to say -

Despite Rudolph’s potential as a starter, his contract status remains uncertain, leaving room for the Steelers to pursue Wilson, possibly at a comparable cost. Some observers see Pittsburgh as an attractive landing spot for Wilson, given Coach Mike Tomlin’s track record of success.

However, reports suggest that the Steelers may not be actively seeking a quarterback looking for a starting role, including Wilson. Nonetheless, the betting market continues to favor Pittsburgh as Wilson’s potential destination, though adjustments may occur based on developments with the Broncos and other teams, such as the Atlanta Falcons, who are now pursuing Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears, potentially affecting Wilson’s options.

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