May 27, 2024

Recent updates in the NFL could offer assistance to the New Orleans Saints as they grapple with their perennial salary cap challenges this offseason. Currently burdened with an approximately $84 million deficit against the cap, as reported by Over The Cap, the Saints face a daunting task.

Analyzing the Saints' initial 53-man roster and 16-man practice squad

However, there is optimism that they can navigate their way to cap compliance. They have potential maneuvers at their disposal to generate room for signing noteworthy free agents, in addition to the imperative task of securing their draft picks post the 2024 NFL Draft. Encouragingly, recent reports from Pro Football Talk suggest the salary cap might be higher than initially anticipated, potentially hovering around $250 million, although other projections range slightly lower, around $242-243 million.

Naturally, the Saints are rooting for a higher cap figure, recognizing the urgent need for assistance in extricating themselves from the financial quagmire accumulated over recent years. The likelihood of veterans restructuring their contracts, a familiar strategy for the team, is high. Furthermore, there’s speculation about a possible restructuring of Derek Carr’s contract, which could bind him to New Orleans for the next two seasons.

Anticipation mounts as the final cap number is anticipated to be unveiled in the coming weeks, possibly during negotiations at the NFL Scouting Combine. The Saints are vigilantly monitoring these developments, poised to execute further strategic moves to ensure compliance with the cap regulations.

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