May 19, 2024

The deadline for the Packers’ impending free agents has passed, resulting in Green Bay absorbing an additional $9.5 million in dead cap for the 2024 season. As of February 19th, certain salary cap mechanisms were activated for the team, preventing them from adjusting contract structures for players like Yosh Nijman, Keisean Nixon, and Darnell Savage. This inability to modify contracts has implications for the future of these players with the team.

Packers reaping return on investment in Yosh Nijman

The total dead cap incurred by the Packers for 2024 due to not restructuring these contracts amounts to $9.48 million, as reported by cap analyst Ken Ingalls. The potential immediate cap space savings if extensions were granted to each player are as follows: $4.1 million for Savage, $1.9 million for Nijman, and $1.1 million for Nixon.

With this deadline elapsed, the likelihood of the Packers re-signing these players diminishes, though it’s not definitive. History shows that Green Bay has retained players like Nixon and De’Vondre Campbell after letting them test free agency.

Considering the probability of re-signing these free agents, Nixon appears most likely, followed by Savage and then Nijman. Nijman, who was tendered as a restricted free agent last offseason, is expected to explore other options due to Green Bay’s ongoing salary cap limitations.

Savage, although a regular starter, faces uncertainty with potential changes in defensive leadership. While the coaching staff has praised his performance improvement, the team may still opt for a different direction. On the other hand, Nixon, who signed a one-year deal after a standout season, has expressed a desire to remain with the Packers. It seems probable that Nixon will return, although he may explore offers from other teams before making a final decision. The question remains whether Nixon will settle for a similar contract or seek increased compensation given his contributions as both a returner and defender.

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