July 23, 2024

The Denver Broncos are anticipated to part ways with their star quarterback, Russell Wilson, following a disappointing two-year period. Wilson’s tenure in Denver appears to be coming to an end, as he was sidelined for the remainder of the season due to a $37 million injury protection clause set to activate in the league’s new year. This decision was made two months prior to the new year, indicating Wilson’s awareness of his impending departure.

Russell Wilson: Denver Broncos QB blames benching on refusing to  restructure his contract | NFL News | Sky Sports

During his time on the bench, Wilson was replaced by backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham, leading the team to fall short of playoff contention. Despite initial high expectations for Wilson and head coach Sean Payton in their first season together, various issues arose, including a publicized incident where Payton was seen admonishing Wilson on the sidelines during a play resulting in a penalty.

Even with Wilson benched, the Broncos had slim chances of making the playoffs. Payton’s response to media inquiries about the incident indicated a reluctance to disclose details, potentially raising concerns of mistreatment towards Wilson and prompting scrutiny, particularly if investigations ensue regarding contract-related threats allegedly made by the Broncos.

Regarding Payton’s potential involvement in any investigation, while Wilson’s benching appeared primarily football-related, allegations of contract-related threats were raised. Wilson claimed he was threatened with removal from the lineup in November, a month before ultimately being benched in December, purportedly for refusing to alter his contract terms.

As Wilson and his wife, Ciara, put their Colorado home up for sale, it seems evident they are preparing for a departure once the free-agent market opens in March. The strained relationship between Wilson and Payton further suggests an inevitable parting of ways.

Despite Wilson’s recent struggles and high contract value, several teams, including the Steelers, Falcons, and Patriots, are considered potential landing spots. While the Steelers seek a mobile veteran quarterback to challenge Kenny Pickett, the Patriots and Falcons appear more desperate for a reliable franchise quarterback. Regardless of the destination, it’s expected that these three teams will be among the first to pursue Wilson once he becomes available.

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