May 19, 2024

Pete Carmichael, formerly the offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, has officially joined the Denver Broncos, aligning with his former colleague Sean Payton. Carmichael, who served as the Saints’ offensive coordinator for 15 seasons, with 13 of those under Payton’s leadership, now takes on a new role as a senior offensive assistant in Denver. Under offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, Carmichael will contribute to the Broncos’ offensive coaching staff.

Saints unveil attack run by Payton understudy Carmichael

Despite facing criticism in recent seasons, Carmichael brings extensive experience as an offensive coordinator to the NFL. His familiarity with several players now on the Denver roster, including Adam Trautman, Lucas Krull, Dwayne Washington, and Will Lutz, who have been dubbed “New Orleans West,” adds depth to his value.

Carmichael’s addition may provide a fresh perspective to the Broncos’ offensive staff, which encountered challenges in maximizing the talents of quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver Jerry Jeudy during the previous season.

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