May 19, 2024

The Denver Broncos’ intense focus on finding a solution at quarterback has led fans to closely monitor the top prospects in the 2024 NFL draft.’s Bucky Brooks recently revealed his top five college players at each position, shaking up the rankings and omitting one notable name while highlighting the rise of two promising prospects. Among the quarterbacks, there are several intriguing options with potential to become franchise players.

NFL DraftSportsbook releases odds for which NFL team will draft Bo Nix

Caleb Williams of USC stands out as the premier talent in the class, possessing exceptional athleticism and playmaking abilities, despite a somewhat disappointing 2023 season following his 2022 Heisman run. Jayden Daniels from LSU impresses with his dynamic playmaking skills as both a runner and passer, despite concerns about his slender frame. Drake Maye of North Carolina draws attention for his prototypical size and exceptional arm talent, despite a lackluster final season. Michael Penix Jr. of Washington faces questions about his injury history but is praised for his toughness and arm talent. J.J. McCarthy of Michigan, fresh off a national championship win and boasting an impressive record, is rapidly climbing draft boards.

Amidst speculation and trade rumors, the Broncos’ potential interest in Oregon’s Bo Nix is notable, though Brooks currently places him outside the top five prospects. The rise of Michigan’s J.J. McCarthy may be overshadowing Nix’s prospects, given McCarthy’s recent success and impressive track record. Additionally, Michael Penix Jr.’s surge in draft stock, despite injury concerns, adds another dimension to the quarterback landscape. Interestingly, former NFL player Steve Young’s theory about a “left-handed quarterback curse” adds an intriguing twist to the discussion.

As the pre-draft speculation unfolds, fans can anticipate an engaging and entertaining lead-up to the draft, with various storylines and prospects to consider.

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