May 20, 2024

The Tampa Bay Rays have made significant moves in the offseason by extending the contracts of Rays President of Baseball Operations Erik Neander and Manager Kevin Cash, potentially two of the most crucial decisions. Both Neander and Cash had contracts extending for the next two or three seasons, but specific details regarding the duration and terms have not been disclosed, a customary practice for the organization. Typically, the exact length and specifics of the contracts are revealed during their annual interviews at the beginning of Spring Training.

Rays reward Erik Neander, Kevin Cash with multiyear extensions - Yahoo  Sports

It’s anticipated that Cash, widely regarded as one of the top managers in baseball, will command a substantial salary going forward. While it might not reach the level of Craig Counsell’s contract with the Cubs (5 years, $40 million), it wouldn’t be surprising to see a commitment of at least $5 million to retain Cash and deter him from exploring other opportunities.

Neander’s contract extension coincides with an expansion of his role within the organization. With the departure of GM Peter Bendix to lead the Marlins’ front office, the Rays opted not to appoint a new General Manager for the upcoming season, thereby reinstating Neander as the primary decision-maker in the front office. Although the Rays have identified four Assistant GMs in Will Cousins, Kevin Ibach, Chanda Lawdermilk, and Carlos Rodriguez, indicating a shared workload.

More details are expected to emerge soon, particularly during the Opening Press Conference with Neander and Cash scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 13, coinciding with pitchers and catchers’ report day. The first workout for pitchers and catchers is set for Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 9:30 a.m.

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