May 20, 2024

The sale of the Baltimore Orioles to David Rubenstein has the potential to significantly boost revenue for the Washington Nationals, according to a recent report. To finalize the Orioles’ sale, Major League Baseball (MLB) might request that the Nationals gain full control of their media rights.

While the news of the Orioles’ sale surprised some within MLB, it appeared to be a strategic move for the organization, which has seen a resurgence with a young core leading them to victory in the American League East in 2023. Recognizing the increased value of the team, the Angelos family opted to sell at a peak moment after enduring years of losing seasons in Baltimore. However, the sale could mark the end of a unique relationship between the Orioles and Nationals, particularly if MLB intervenes to support the struggling Washington franchise.

David Rubenstein has a deal to buy the Baltimore Orioles for $1.725  billion, AP source says

The relocation of the Expos to Washington, DC in 2005 disrupted the Orioles’ control over television rights in the region. To facilitate the move and establish a team in the nation’s capital, Baltimore was granted majority ownership of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, which broadcasts games for both teams. This arrangement granted the Orioles significant influence over the Nationals’ TV revenue, disadvantaging Washington financially.

Recent reports suggest that MLB has the authority to require the Orioles to relinquish ownership of the Nationals’ TV rights as a condition for completing the Orioles’ sale. While such a decision would impact both teams, it would particularly benefit the Nationals, allowing them to pursue their own broadcast partnerships and reap the financial rewards. However, it remains uncertain whether MLB will exercise this right.

The original agreement stipulates that the Orioles retain control of the Nationals’ TV rights indefinitely, even in the event of a sale. This potentially sets the stage for a contentious negotiation if Baltimore chooses to contest any attempts to alter these

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