May 19, 2024

The New York Yankees boast three underappreciated hitting prospects heading into the 2024 season, showcasing the depth of their farm system as Baseball America listed six Yankees among their top 100 prospects.

The organization’s farm system is particularly notable for its depth, featuring not only underrated pitching but also impressive hitting talent. With considerable versatility and skill across the board, Yankees fans have plenty of reasons to be excited about the prospects emerging from their farm system.

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Agustin Ramirez emerged as a standout prospect in 2023, making significant strides within the organization. Initially flying under the radar, Ramirez rapidly ascended from Class A Tampa to Somerset, showcasing his raw power and impressive performance metrics. At just 21 years old, Ramirez demonstrated his ability to translate his power into game situations, posting impressive numbers in both Tampa and Hudson Valley. Despite some expected struggles at Double-A, Ramirez’s potential as a top-100 prospect remains promising for the Yankees.

Jesus Rodriguez has consistently delivered strong performances since joining the Yankees, seamlessly transitioning through promotions and maintaining his offensive prowess. His versatility across multiple positions, including catcher, left field, first base, and primarily third base, adds further value to his profile. Rodriguez’s ability to excel offensively while demonstrating versatility in the field positions him as a prospect to watch as he progresses through the Yankees’ system.

Jared Serna contributes to the Yankees’ farm system depth with his impressive speed and all-around skill set. Despite his smaller stature, Serna possesses notable power, exceptional bat speed, and adept fielding abilities. With a successful 2023 season and a promising showing in the Mexican winter league, Serna is poised to make significant strides in the minors in 2024, potentially becoming a key asset for the Yankees akin to Jose Altuve.

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