May 23, 2024

Could the Denver Broncos pursue a trade with the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields? The Chicago Bears are reportedly looking to offload Justin Fields this offseason, with the Denver Broncos emerging as a potential destination throughout the ongoing speculation. There are evident connections between the two teams that fuel these rumors.

Former Ohio State WRs warn Bears will regret trading Justin Fields

The Denver Broncos have openly acknowledged their intention to move on from their current quarterback situation. Following the unsuccessful pairing of Sean Payton and Russell Wilson, the Broncos are in the market for a new signal-caller. Consequently, they stand out as one of the few teams openly expressing interest in acquiring Justin Fields, especially given their lack of a top-three draft pick. Payton previously expressed interest in developing Taysom Hill as a starter, but Fields offers greater athleticism and passing ability.

However, it’s crucial to consider Payton’s preferences when it comes to quarterbacks. Having worked extensively with Drew Brees, Payton values quarterbacks who operate within the confines of the playbook, execute plays as designed, and adhere to the team’s schedule. This compatibility was evident in his successful partnership with Brees but led to friction with Wilson, whose style clashed with Payton’s expectations. Therefore, it’s uncertain whether Payton would wholeheartedly pursue Fields, whose playing style aligns more with Wilson’s than Brees’.

While on paper, the Denver Broncos may seem like an ideal destination for Justin Fields, behind the scenes, it’s unclear if they will actively pursue a trade with the Chicago Bears. Personal and strategic considerations within the Broncos organization may influence their decision-making process, potentially leading them to abstain from reaching out to the Bears regarding Fields.

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