May 27, 2024

Yankees Reportedly Acquire Dodgers Left-Handed Reliever in Unexpected Trade

The New York Yankees have struck a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, acquiring one of their surplus left-handed relievers in a surprising move. This trade, distinct from a previous transaction involving Victor González, Jorbit Vivas, and Trey Sweeney in September, aims to bolster the Yankees’ bullpen depth from the left side by adding Caleb Ferguson.

Yankees get second left-handed reliever from Dodgers by acquiring Caleb  Ferguson - NBC Sports

Ferguson showcased solid performance in 2023, but his standout season came in 2022, where he recorded 37 strikeouts in 34 2/3 innings, allowing only 23 hits and boasting an impressive 1.82 ERA. His reliable pitching will now fortify a Yankees relief corps that recently lost Wandy Peralta and was in need of a veteran addition, particularly one with Ferguson’s left-handed throwing arm.

The question remains whether Ferguson can fill a crucial role in the seventh or eighth innings like Peralta did, or if he’ll primarily serve as an effective middle-inning reliever.

In exchange for Ferguson, the Yankees traded a Quadruple-A pitcher, Matt Gage, recently acquired from the Astros, and a Dominican Summer League prospect. While the identity of the DSL prospect remains undisclosed, it’s unlikely to be Henry Lalane, given his presence on the Yankees’ talented Florida Complex League roster last year. This trade essentially swaps potential and some depth in Triple-A pitching for a left-handed reliever who posted a 3.43 ERA and struck out 70 batters in 60 1/3 innings last season, with advanced metrics indicating even greater effectiveness.

Whether Ferguson can replicate the impact of the departed Wandy Peralta remains uncertain. However, considering González’s injury history and performance decline since 2020, acquiring the Dodgers’ more dependable left-handed reliever seemed like a prudent move for the Yankees.

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