May 27, 2024

Top Players Texans Should Pursue in 2024 NFL Offseason Trades

The Houston Texans experienced unexpected success in 2023, largely due to the remarkable performance of rookie quarterback CJ Stroud. However, despite this achievement, the team still faces significant shortcomings that must be addressed in the upcoming offseason, particularly in the areas of offensive line and wide receiver.

Offensive Line Acquisition from the Philadelphia Eagles:

The Texans could target an offensive tackle from the Philadelphia Eagles, who currently have approximately $20 million in available cap space but are also contending with 24 impending free agents. Landon Dickerson, set to become a free agent in 2025, might not command a long-term deal from the Eagles, prompting speculation about his potential trade value. Given the Eagles’ recent struggles and potential organizational changes, they may opt for a strategic reset, making Dickerson available for trade to acquire assets for future roster development.

Philadelphia Eagles OG Landon Dickerson Undergoing Surgery - Sports  Illustrated Philadelphia Eagles News, Analysis and More

While the Texans lack a standout anchor player on their offensive line, Dickerson’s physicality and aggressive blocking style could provide stability and identity to their line. His leadership qualities would enhance locker room cohesion, while his prowess in run blocking could significantly bolster the team’s ground game. Additionally, Dickerson’s adeptness in pass protection would offer valuable support to his fellow linemen, ensuring better pass blocking consistency for Stroud’s protection.

A No. 1 Receiver Target for CJ Stroud:

To complement Stroud’s talents, the Texans could pursue Brandon Aiyuk, a potential trade candidate from the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers, facing financial constraints with several high-profile players, might consider offloading Aiyuk to create financial flexibility. Despite Aiyuk’s prowess, the 49ers boast a surplus of offensive weapons, making him expendable in the right trade scenario.

Adding Aiyuk would provide Stroud with a premier receiving option, elevating the Texans’ passing game to new heights. While the current receiving corps is competent, Aiyuk’s game-breaking abilities would present a formidable challenge to opposing defenses, amplifying Houston’s offensive capabilities. Aiyuk’s presence would also alleviate pressure on other receivers, allowing them to thrive in their respective roles and enhancing overall offensive productivity.

By targeting these two key acquisitions, the Texans can position themselves for significant improvement in the upcoming season. Enhancing the offensive line and securing a top-tier receiver would not only benefit Stroud’s development but also elevate the team’s competitiveness, setting the stage for a potential Super Bowl contention in the near future.

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