July 15, 2024

Max Scherzer initially had reservations about his trade to the Rangers, despite ultimately winning the World Series with them. Last season, although Scherzer was part of the Texas Rangers’ championship victory, his time on the field with the team was limited. This was primarily due to his earlier stint with the New York Mets, where he made significantly more starts compared to his tenure with the Rangers. Additionally, Scherzer grappled with an injury that hampered his performance in the latter part of the season.

Rangers sign veteran reliever and 6 others to minor deals

Despite the ultimate success of winning the World Series, Scherzer wasn’t initially enthusiastic about the trade. At the time of the trade, the Mets were not in contention for the playoffs, while the Rangers were making a push for their division title. However, Scherzer felt torn about leaving his New York teammates behind. As noted by Buck Showalter in a video shared on Twitter by Foul Territory, Scherzer’s primary concern was feeling like he was abandoning his Mets teammates, highlighting his strong team-oriented mentality.

Despite his initial reservations, the trade ultimately proved beneficial for Scherzer, as he achieved the pinnacle of success in winning a World Series with the Rangers. Nevertheless, he retains fond memories of his time with the Mets and remains committed to returning from injury to contribute to the Rangers’ defense of their championship in the upcoming 2024 season.

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