May 19, 2024

According to a recent report, it seems unlikely that the former Celtics guard, Malcolm Brogdon, will be traded before the deadline. Brogdon, who was traded to Portland just before the start of training camp, has been a topic of speculation regarding the Trail Blazers’ plans for him, especially given their focus on younger guards following the trade of Damian Lillard to Milwaukee.

Trail Blazers Lose Malcolm Brogdon to Hamstring Injury - Blazer's Edge

Despite being a seasoned player at 31 years old, Brogdon doesn’t seem to align with Portland’s current trajectory. However, he may desire to join a competitive team, given his valuable skills as the reigning Sixth Man of the Year. Nevertheless, with the trade deadline looming, there’s no indication that Brogdon will be changing teams. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski mentioned on his podcast that the Blazers aren’t actively discussing trades involving Brogdon.

Reports also suggest that Brogdon is content staying in Portland, despite the team’s current standings at 14th in the Western Conference with a record of 15-35. It seems the Blazers value Brogdon’s presence as a veteran leader in the locker room. He has been contributing consistently on the court this season, averaging 15.7 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 5.5 assists in 39 games (25 starts) for the Blazers. Additionally, Brogdon has one more year remaining on his contract worth $22.5 million after this season.

Brogdon was initially expected to play a significant role for the Celtics, but he was included in the Jrue Holiday deal just before the start of training camp. There were also previous rumors of a potential trade to the Clippers over the summer, which didn’t materialize due to concerns about Brogdon’s health. Now, it seems Brogdon will remain with the Blazers for the foreseeable future.

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