May 20, 2024

Ten Lives Club plans to allocate the entire sum of $377,000, raised in support of Bills kicker Tyler Bass, toward the well-being of the rescue’s feline inhabitants. The cats, having tirelessly participated in promotional activities following the Buffalo Bills’ playoff loss, garnered attention from national news programs, such as the “Today Show” and “Inside Edition,” resulting in interview requests and footage of the cats donning Bills jerseys for viewers.

Fans of NFL Kicker Tyler Bass Donate to Cat Rescue Shelter | Inside Edition

Despite facing challenges, the felines embraced the opportunity to showcase the substantial funds raised for Ten Lives Club in honor of Tyler Bass. The kicker, subject to online harassment after a critical missed field goal, found support from Bills fans who rallied around him, contributing to the significant donation.

Kimberly LaRussa, the rescue’s public relations manager, expressed gratitude for the remarkable outpouring of donations from football enthusiasts and cat lovers worldwide. In the wake of the Bills’ playoff defeat, Bass faced hate online, prompting Ten Lives Club to post a supportive message on Facebook, urging fans not to bully him.

Bass had collaborated with Ten Lives Club through Show Your Soft Side, participating in a photo shoot with a rescue cat named Harley. The framed photo now hangs in the shelter’s lobby. While Bass has not publicly addressed the support, the rescue staff is collecting letters and notes from donors, hoping he feels the immense backing.

Beyond Bills fans, supporters from various NFL teams and even international donors have contributed, with notable donations from celebrities like Rachael Ray and Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Local businesses, including 26 Shirts and Buffawix Candle Co., are also channeling funds to the rescue.

The funds will directly benefit the care of the rescue cats at Ten Lives Club. Started in 2001, the rescue has grown significantly, aiding over 3,000 cats last year. The raised funds will assist in providing essential care, addressing health issues, and supporting the annual expenses involved in maintaining the rescue.

With plans for a larger shelter in the future, Ten Lives Club, which relies heavily on volunteers, accepts monetary donations through various platforms and collaborates with recycling centers for additional funds. The rescue hosts numerous events and fundraisers, emphasizing community involvement in caring for and adopting the cats.

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