May 19, 2024

Texans face potential loss of offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik amid strong interest from multiple teams, leaving them in search of a replacement. If Slowik departs, quarterbacks coach Jerrod Johnson is a possible internal candidate, but he’s also attracting attention for coordinator positions elsewhere. In the event of internal promotions falling through, there’s speculation that the Texans might consider former Las Vegas Raiders coach Josh McDaniels, particularly due to his connections with the team.

Could Bobby Slowik Be Looking at His Future This Week?

Josh McDaniels, 47, comes with a mixed coaching history, having faced challenges in previous head-coaching roles with the Denver Broncos and the Raiders. However, his notable success as the offensive coordinator for the New England Patriots, contributing to three Super Bowl victories, adds intrigue to his candidacy. McDaniels is often linked with his former Patriots mentor, Bill Belichick, but with Belichick’s uncertain future, McDaniels could explore opportunities elsewhere.

The potential fit with the Texans is intriguing given McDaniels’ experience as an offensive coordinator and his connections with Houston’s general manager, Nick Caserio, and his brother Ben, who serves on the Texans’ coaching staff. However, concerns about McDaniels’ coaching style and reports of player alienation raise questions about how he would be received in the locker room. Despite the attractiveness of McDaniels’ coaching resume, there are reservations about potential challenges, with some viewing it as a risky move in line with the “Patriots Way” hiring strategy.

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