May 20, 2024

Should Jordan Montgomery Extend Contract with Texas for Lifetime Supply of Free Barbecue? Exploring the Offer from Hurtado Barbeque, the Rangers’ Official BBQ Partner

As February approaches, Jordan Montgomery, the prominent pitcher of the Rangers’ championship-winning team, is still a free agent. The prospect of him staying in Texas at a reasonable market rate faces a hurdle due to the unresolved television situation for the Rangers. Despite Amazon’s recent investment in Bally’s parent company Diamond Sports, the TV landscape remains unclear. The resolution of this issue may significantly impact Montgomery’s decision to re-sign with the Rangers.

Jordan Montgomery Gives The Rangers A Fighting Chance In The ALCS

While the television situation awaits clarification, other parties are making enticing offers. Hurtado Barbecue, owned by Brandon Hurtado and the official barbecue partner of the Rangers, has extended a unique proposal to Montgomery. A diehard Rangers fan, Hurtado is offering the left-handed pitcher free barbecue for life if he chooses to return to the team. This offer has garnered local and national attention, prompting a discussion about whether such culinary incentives could influence a professional athlete’s decision, especially given Montgomery’s potential last major contract.

The article recounts a recent visit by the sports editor and dining critic to Hurtado Barbecue in Arlington. Despite their positive reputation and endorsements from respected sources, the central question is whether the quality of Hurtado’s barbecue is compelling enough to sway a significant decision like a professional athlete’s choice of team.

The review highlights the convenience of Hurtado Barbecue’s location, being close to Globe Life Field, where Montgomery would have 81 opportunities each year to enjoy the offered free barbecue after home games. The culinary exploration involved sampling a diverse range of menu items, from traditional brisket and sausage to higher-end offerings like Texas Twinkies and brisket tostadas. The review also touches on unique items like birria tacos, quail, and bacon-braised cabbage.

The discussion delves into the flavor profiles, spiciness levels, and overall quality of the barbecue. The quail is highlighted as a “secret weapon,” offering a tender, juicy, and slightly sweet alternative. The review also mentions the noteworthy bacon-braised cabbage and the intensity of the salsa verde.

Despite some minor critiques, such as the sausage’s overly cheesy interior and the texture of the cornbread, the overall impression is highly favorable. The article concludes that the diverse and delicious offerings at Hurtado Barbecue make it a strong contender for influencing Montgomery’s decision to re-sign with the Rangers.

In the broader context, the article explores the potential value of offering a lifetime supply of such high-quality barbecue as an inducement for a professional athlete. It contrasts this proposal with potential offers from other teams and cities, emphasizing the variety and quality of the culinary experience as a significant factor.

In a playful tone, the authors express their endorsement of Hurtado Barbecue as a compelling incentive for Montgomery to stay with the Rangers. The article humorously suggests that if the barbecue offer successfully secures Montgomery’s re-signing, the authors should receive a kickback or, at the very least, a free lunch or two.

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