May 27, 2024

Howie Long expressed a grim outlook on the Philadelphia Eagles, suggesting that the players have lost confidence in the team’s plan. Using a boat allegory, Long depicted the Eagles’ leadership as questionable and their appeal to top coordinators as lacking. Long, an NFL on Fox analyst whose son Chris played for the Eagles, shared his perspective on the team’s struggles during a discussion on Fox Sports’ First Things First following their disappointing 32-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Eagles players who made the team last year but won't in 2023

Long attributed the team’s late-season collapse to various factors, including the impact of losing two key coordinators and the questionable hiring of replacements. He emphasized that while the offensive struggles could be attributed more to the system than the players, the defensive issues stemmed from both scheme and personnel shortcomings. Long raised concerns about the team’s confidence in head coach Nick Sirianni’s plan, suggesting that the realization of their inability to make a postseason run led to a lack of faith in the overall direction.

Reflecting on the challenges ahead, Long highlighted the difficulty of attracting top-tier coordinators, citing the Eagles’ recent coaching changes and the uncertainty surrounding Sirianni’s future. He compared the situation to a boat with a leak, where potential coordinators might hesitate due to the risk of the head coach being replaced after a bad season. Long cautioned that, given the circumstances, the Eagles might struggle to secure premium candidates for coordinator positions, and those who do come in might view it as a short-term commitment.

Long’s commentary underscores the concerns about the Eagles’ ability to rebound from their recent setbacks, posing questions about the team’s direction and the challenges they face in rebuilding their coaching staff.

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