May 27, 2024

Arch Manning is facing discouraging prospects regarding his starting position for the upcoming season with the Texas Longhorns. Despite being a highly touted recruit and the nephew of NFL legends Peyton and Eli Manning, the latest odds suggest that Manning is not favored to be the starting quarterback for the Longhorns in the 2024 college football season.

Arch Manning has declined all NIL deals, QB waiting until he's named Texas'  starter, Steve Sarkisian says | Fox News

When Arch Manning initially joined the Texas Longhorns, he was considered the top-rated player in the 2023 high school recruiting class, attracting significant attention as a prominent high school football prospect. However, as he approaches his second year at Texas, the odds released by tell a different story.

The odds heavily favor Quinn Ewers, giving him -500 odds to secure the starting quarterback position for the Longhorns in the upcoming season. This implies an 83.3 percent likelihood, according to the sportsbook, that Ewers will be the team’s starting quarterback, overshadowing Manning’s chances. In contrast, Manning is assigned +300 odds to be the team’s starter, indicating a less favorable outlook.

While Ewers held the starting quarterback position throughout the 2023 college football season, leading the team to its first-ever College Football Playoff appearance, the odds serve as a stark message to Manning and his supporters. The message conveyed is that it appears highly improbable for Manning to secure the starting role for the upcoming season, making his chances seem challenging based on the current betting odds.

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