May 27, 2024

Cleveland Browns quarterback Joe Flacco, amid an impressive season, expressed his intent to continue playing beyond this playoff run. In a recent appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show,” Flacco reaffirmed his desire to stay in the league, emphasizing that despite his previous declarations, some still question his commitment to play.

Joe Flacco named Cleveland Browns starter for rest of the season | CNN

Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated reported Flacco’s intentions to play for two more seasons beyond the current one. Although there were other teams interested in Flacco before he joined Cleveland, his stellar performances and the Browns’ recent winning streak have signaled potential opportunities for him next season, even if it’s not with the Browns.

However, while Flacco’s future remains uncertain, the return of Deshaun Watson to the Browns is assured. Watson, recovering from shoulder surgery, anticipates his return to action once medically cleared.

Watson’s contract complexities, with three years remaining on a substantial deal, create obstacles for Flacco’s sustained presence in Cleveland. The monetary commitment to Watson, coupled with Flacco’s successful tenure and desired playing time, complicates the situation further.

Despite the unlikelihood of Flacco’s return to Cleveland in 2024, the team’s performance and potential playoff outcomes may influence his decision. With a strong defense and Flacco’s standout performances, the Browns have garnered attention and comparisons to resilient championship teams.

Heading into the postseason, Cleveland’s playoff berth seems secure, albeit potentially as a wildcard team. This assurance allows them to manage Flacco’s involvement strategically, potentially resting him in Week 18 while also tending to injured players like Amari Cooper and Elijah Moore.

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