May 20, 2024

Kjaer, the Milan defender, emphasized the importance of unity within the team and highlighted the unpredictable nature of football matches. Reflecting on the mental aspect of the game, he stressed the team’s cohesion and shared an anecdote from a match against Liverpool, pointing out how momentum can swiftly change despite leading at halftime.

Denmark captain Kjaer extends AC Milan deal until 2024 - Punch Newspapers

Acknowledging the team’s efforts to respond to challenging situations, Kjaer praised the collective defensive efforts and their readiness to support each other, even in demanding moments.

Due to injuries, Kjaer partnered with Theo Hernandez, primarily a left-back, in central defense. Despite Hernandez’s instinctive style, Kjaer humorously mentioned guiding him to stay in position, noting Theo’s responsiveness to his instructions.

Looking ahead, Milan prepares for a Coppa Italia clash against Cagliari and maintains focus on Serie A fixtures, currently sitting third in the standings, with the next league game scheduled against Empoli.

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