May 19, 2024

Lonzo Ball is making significant progress in his comeback from a knee injury that has affected not only his performance on the court but also his day-to-day life. The Chicago Bulls guard, sidelined since January 2022, is anticipated to make a substantial leap forward in his recovery by resuming running within the next month.

Lonzo Ball injury update: Bulls head coach shares probable return timeline  for Chicago's star guard


According to Bulls head coach Billy Donovan, Ball is now free from the pain that persisted after his third knee procedure in the past two years. Ball has previously expressed difficulties with basic activities like navigating stairs while recuperating. His ability to make both literal and metaphorical advancements in his recovery marks a substantial victory for the former UCLA standout and his supporters.

This recent update represents a significant development, especially considering earlier concerns that Ball’s injury might prematurely end his career. While the Bulls don’t foresee his return this season, there’s hope for a potential comeback next season if Ball’s recovery progresses positively.

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