July 18, 2024

New York Rangers Captain Jacob Trouba Likely to Stay Due to Personal Reasons Involving His Wife

Jacob Trouba seemed poised to leave New York for Detroit, with the Rangers preparing to trade their captain. However, what seemed imminent now appears unlikely. Trouba, a third-line defenseman with an $8 million salary next season, has strong ties to New York due to his wife, Kelly Tyson-Trouba, who is completing her residency at a local hospital until next July.

When Trouba signed his five-year, no-movement clause contract in 2019, it was intended to coincide with the end of his wife’s residency. However, her residency has been extended to next July, as reported by the New York Post.

While personal matters typically have limited influence on professional team decisions, Trouba’s tenure and status with the Rangers make trading him more complicated. This is further compounded by Trouba submitting a list of 15 teams he does not want to be traded to, which includes nearly half the NHL, to GM Chris Drury on Monday. It appears Detroit was on that list of undesired destinations.

Although it is possible for the Rangers to trade Trouba in the future and for his wife to continue her residency elsewhere, uprooting for the final year of her medical training is professionally undesirable. Additionally, the couple recently welcomed their first child, Axel, in mid-January, adding further complications to any potential move.

Jared Silber/NHLI via Getty Images

Trouba is almost certain to remain in the Rangers’ third-line defensive pairing, positions typically reserved for the fifth and sixth-best defenders on the team. Paying $8 million for such a role is not considered optimal roster management for a team in win-now mode aiming for a Stanley Cup.

Trouba’s personal life appears to have left the Rangers in a difficult position, with team management hoping that their investment in the 30-year-old doesn’t negatively impact their future plans.

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