July 18, 2024

Jacob Trouba Might Attempt to Block Rangers Trade: NHL Insider

LAS VEGAS — In a new twist regarding a potential trade of New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba, there’s speculation that Trouba might use his 15-team no-trade clause, which becomes active Monday, to thwart the deal.

NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman discussed on the 32 Thoughts podcast that Trouba and his “aggressive” agent Kurt Overhardt might be attempting to prevent a trade from New York.

Earlier in the week, reports indicated that the Rangers had asked Trouba to submit his 15-team no-trade list ahead of July 1, allowing GM Chris Drury to work on clearing Trouba’s $8 million salary cap hit. There’s conflicting information on whether Trouba has provided this list, amidst rumors of trade talks with the Detroit Red Wings, where the Michigan native might return.

It was widely believed that Trouba would be open to a move to Detroit. However, Friedman suggested that Trouba might include the Red Wings on his no-trade list to block the trade and control his destiny. Few teams can take on Trouba’s cap hit, especially if he’s not a top-four defenseman. A source close to Detroit confirmed to Forever Blueshirts that the Rangers would need to retain $2.5 million of Trouba’s salary in a potential trade.

“Will he make it strategic so that places the Rangers might actually be able to trade him to, or think they’ll be able to trade him to, will they be blocked?” Friedman theorized.

Talk of Rangers trading Jacob Trouba to Detroit growing

The core issue is the Rangers’ need to create salary cap space before the July 1 free agency. For Trouba, however, it’s a personal matter, as he is a key player and leader for the team.

“One of the things that has really made this challenging is that Trouba has struggled with the idea that the Rangers might want to move on from him,” Friedman said. Trouba’s feelings have not been the focus of recent trade speculations, but Friedman highlighted that Trouba and his representation might push back against the Rangers. Until July 1, Trouba has a complete no-move clause, and the Rangers need his permission to trade him before then. His camp could also withhold the no-trade list until the last minute.

“This whole situation over the past week or two has been hard on Trouba,” Friedman explained. “When he left Winnipeg, both the Jets and Trouba were ready to move on. In this case, the Rangers may need to move on for cap reasons, but Trouba might not be ready for it. I think he was disappointed and shocked.”

Friedman mentioned that a potential Trouba trade “is not close,” possibly due to Trouba’s efforts to block it.

“This is far more challenging than the media thinks it’s going to be,” Friedman was told.

If a trade doesn’t happen, the Rangers might need to mend their relationship with their captain. Alternatively, they could place Trouba on waivers, hoping his entire cap hit is claimed, as with Barclay Goodrow by the San Jose Sharks.

Clearly, moving on from Trouba’s contract is critical for the Rangers’ offseason roster building.

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