July 18, 2024

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen and actress Hailee Steinfeld have reportedly ended their relationship. The couple, who began dating in May 2023, decided to part ways after just over a year together. Allen and Steinfeld had kept their relationship relatively private, though they were seen on multiple occasions, including attending a Buffalo Sabres hockey game and spending time together in Laguna Niguel, California​​.

Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen dating actress Hailee Steinfeld; more: Buzz -  syracuse.com


A source close to the couple mentioned that their busy schedules and differing lifestyles contributed to the breakup. Both Allen and Steinfeld are known for their demanding careers, which may have made it difficult for them to find time for each other​​. Despite their split, there is no indication of any animosity between the two, and they appear to be focusing on their respective careers moving forward.


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