June 14, 2024

The potential scenario of the Cowboys trading CeeDee Lamb might seem far-fetched now, but if contract negotiations continue to stall and escalate into a holdout situation, it could become a reality. Lamb’s absence from mandatory practices last week could result in hefty fines, with the possibility of a holdout extending into training camp. Such circumstances could prompt the Cowboys to explore trade options, despite Lamb’s considerable talent.

Bleacher Report recently proposed several trade packages involving Lamb, with one standout offer coming from the Packers. This proposal suggests that the Cowboys would receive either Romeo Doubs or Christian Watson, alongside Jayden Reed and a 2025 second-round draft pick, in exchange for Lamb. Both Doubs and Watson possess the potential to emerge as top-tier NFL receivers, offering the Cowboys valuable depth at the position. Reed, in particular, is seen as a significant asset due to his proficiency in the slot, similar to Lamb’s role, albeit without the financial demands of a star contract.

Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb

While Lamb awaits a new contract, the recent record-setting deal for Justin Jefferson with the Vikings adds further intrigue to negotiations. Lamb’s performance statistics place him among the league’s elite receivers, potentially positioning him for a lucrative contract similar to Jefferson’s. However, the exact terms of Lamb’s deal remain uncertain, with the possibility of him seeking comparable compensation or slightly less guaranteed money.

Lamb’s impressive track record and standing among top receivers in the league underscore his value to the Cowboys, making any potential trade decision a significant one for the team.

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