June 15, 2024

Former Auburn football head coach Bryan Harsin’s wife, Kes Harsin, was criticized by OutKick’s David Hookstead for her Instagram complaints about chemtrails in the sky. Hookstead commented that there is no evidence supporting the government leaving chemtrails, but Kes still expressed her opinion. He noted the trend of promoting conspiracy theories, mentioning Danica Patrick’s recent comments about the moon landing being fake and Kes Harsin, whose husband was fired by Auburn in 2022, advocating the existence of chemtrails. In a now-deleted post, Kes Harsin implied that the government and FDA are adding chemicals to the environment daily, expressing frustration over “chemicals being dumped on you 24/7” and questioning why Tennessee banned it but others have not.

Former Auburn football HC's wife belittled for complaining about chemtrails

Bryan Harsin and his family continue to attract media attention following his turbulent tenure at Auburn. The media is unlikely to cover them favorably, due to controversies including Bryan’s comments on President Trump’s 2016 campaign finances, his son Davis wearing Alabama gear, and Kes’s recent conspiracy theory remarks. The Harsin family faces a challenging narrative in the media, although financially secure due to Bryan’s buyout from Auburn.

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