June 14, 2024

Saints head coach Dennis Allen anticipates cornerback Marshon Lattimore reuniting with the team following a constructive discussion amidst swirling trade rumors. Allen disclosed that he spoke with Lattimore about the speculations roughly two or three weeks ago, aiming to address the external chatter surrounding potential trades. Describing the exchange as positive, Allen emphasized their readiness to collaborate upon Lattimore’s return.

When directly asked if Lattimore would remain part of the roster in 2024, Allen affirmed with a simple “Yes.”

Speculation about Lattimore’s trade gained momentum after the Saints restructured his contract, facilitating trade possibilities. Despite occasional trade talks resurfacing, the Saints have consistently denied such intentions. However, renewed speculation arose following the team’s move to trade up in the draft for DB Kool-Aid McKinstry last month.

Lattimore’s absence from OTAs isn’t uncommon, particularly for a seasoned player like him. Allen noted that Lattimore’s participation in offseason activities has been sporadic since around 2020, though he reassured that Lattimore is diligently preparing off-field.

Marshon Lattimore agrees to 5-year, $97.6m contract with Saints - CGTN

As the NFL’s sixth-highest-paid cornerback under his 2021 contract, Lattimore has endured absences due to injuries in recent seasons after securing three consecutive Pro Bowl selections. Considering salary cap ramifications, any potential trade involving Lattimore likely wouldn’t materialize until after June 1. However, both Allen and the Saints leadership have reiterated their commitment to retaining Lattimore.

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