June 24, 2024

Phoenix Suns: Analyst Argues Why Firing Frank Vogel Is a Terrible Decision

The Phoenix Suns find themselves in a difficult spot after a disappointing playoff exit against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Fans and the team alike found it unacceptable that a roster featuring Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Bradley Beal failed to secure even one win against Minnesota.

In response to this failure, the Suns decided to part ways with Frank Vogel after just one season, replacing him with Mike Budenholzer—a move that hasn’t exactly thrilled Phoenix fans.

While the Suns are now strategizing for the next season, an analyst argues that firing Frank Vogel after only one season was a major mistake.

Analyst Believes the Phoenix Suns Pulled the Trigger on Frank Vogel Too Early

Luke Duffy of Valley of the Suns wrote a detailed piece advocating for Vogel’s retention. He argued that Vogel wasn’t given a fair chance, particularly since Bradley Beal only played 53 games due to various injuries. Additionally, coaching changes just before the playoffs—such as lead assistant Kevin Young leaving to coach BYU, though he remained through the postseason—hindered the team’s preparation, contributing to their eventual sweep by the Timberwolves.

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Duffy also highlighted Vogel’s ability to steer the team without making the season about himself, despite the media frenzy surrounding their star-studded roster. Vogel could have easily sought media attention to deflect criticism, but he chose not to.

Despite Duffy’s compelling arguments, the decision to fire Vogel is final. Fans can only hope that the Suns’ choice will prove beneficial in the coming season.

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