June 15, 2024

The Denver Nuggets have the opportunity to make NBA history with a potentially record-breaking contract for their star player, Nikola Jokić. Analysts predict that Jokić could secure a groundbreaking $400 million contract by 2028, thanks to the NBA’s lucrative new television deals, which are set to significantly increase the league’s revenue and subsequently the salary cap.

Jokić’s current contract, worth $276 million over five years, extends until the 2027-28 season. However, he holds a player option for the final year, giving him the possibility to become a free agent in 2027. With the NBA expected to finalize media deals totaling over $7 billion, the salary cap is forecasted to rise substantially, with projections suggesting it could exceed $200 million by the 2028-29 season.

Nikola Jokić is 'in a good place' and that's good news for Nuggets' title  defense - The Athletic

Under these circumstances, Jokić could potentially sign a historic five-year, $419 million contract, making him the first NBA player to reach such a milestone. To achieve this, Jokić would need to decline his player option for the 2027-28 season and negotiate a new deal with the Nuggets. If he were to accept the player option, he could still secure a contract surpassing $400 million, albeit slightly less than the aforementioned figure.

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