June 14, 2024

Former Bills Player Shares Candid Thoughts on Josh Allen

The Buffalo Bills have been on the cusp of Super Bowl contention for years, yet obstacles, often in the form of Patrick Mahomes, have stood in their way.

Kansas City Chiefs star Mahomes has cemented his status as the top quarterback in the league, frequently being the hurdle for Josh Allen and the Bills.

However, former Bills safety Jordan Poyer believes Allen surpasses Mahomes. In fact, he considers Allen the best quarterback in the game right now (via Around the NFL):

“Seven years here, man,” Poyer said. “I cherished every moment. Thank you for helping me grow as a person and player. Teammates, coaches, everyone, I loved it all. Sorry we couldn’t achieve more, but you have the best quarterback in the league. I know this might go viral, but that’s fine. I’ll see you twice a year. Can’t wait for you guys to visit Miami and for me to return to Orchard Park once more.”

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Poyer, who spent seven years with the Bills, joined the AFC East rival Miami Dolphins this offseason. Nonetheless, he returned to Buffalo for teammate Micah Hyde’s annual charity softball game.

Allen has faced criticism for his sometimes reckless play and forcing things on offense. Despite this, he’s known for his incredible arm strength, accuracy, and being a nearly unstoppable force in the open field.

While opinions may vary, Poyer’s praise highlights Allen as a top-five quarterback in the league, only needing the Chiefs to be eliminated by another team in the playoffs.

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