June 24, 2024

Cincinnati Bengals Poised for Major $120 Million Investment

The Cincinnati Bengals are preparing to make a substantial financial commitment to enhance their organization. Paycor Stadium, previously known as , is set to undergo significant upgrades, with costs estimated between $100-120 million.

Historically, the Bengals have been perceived as frugal under the ownership and presidency of Mike Brown. This reputation was underscored in 2023 when the team’s organizational grades received criticism from analysts Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless. Sharpe remarked, “Trey Hendrickson knew Mike Brown was cheap… he signed with the cheap Bengals!” Bayless added, “The Cincinnati stuff didn’t surprise me one bit because that’s who they’ve always been. A mom’s and pop’s shop operation.”

However, Executive Vice President Katie Blackburn has been working to change this perception. The team has increased its spending in free agency and is now investing heavily in their stadium.

According to the Bengals’ website, these stadium improvements are part of a larger plan to ensure the team remains in Cincinnati. This recent $120 million investment brings the total spent on stadium enhancements to approximately $150 million over the past few seasons. Notably, this is a private investment, avoiding the use of taxpayer money from Ohio citizens.

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Blackburn emphasized the importance of these upgrades, especially as Paycor Stadium approaches its 25th season. “We are lucky to have a great stadium and we are proud to invest in this great asset to help make it a best-in-class facility,” she said. The planned improvements, which will continue through 2026, include upgraded video/audio systems, renovated club lounges and suites, enhanced concessions, and various beautification projects.

This investment follows previous private funding of $40 million for the IEL Indoor Facility, a new locker room, an upgraded training room, new ribbon video boards, pro shop upgrades, and additional concession enhancements. These moves signal the Bengals’ commitment to ushering in a new era, with the extensive upgrades to Paycor Stadium being a key element of this transformation.

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