May 19, 2024

Gators analysts are skeptical about the prospect of Cormani McClain, a former Colorado football cornerback, potentially joining Billy Napier’s program at the University of Florida. Brandon Olsen, the host of Locked On Gators, envisions a scenario where McClain, originally from Lakeland, struggles to find success due to both off-field conduct issues and on-field performance concerns, particularly noting his previous challenges at Colorado. Olsen acknowledges the potential for McClain to thrive if he commits and puts in the necessary effort, but expresses doubts based on his past.

David Waters of Gators Breakdown shares Olsen’s concerns, emphasizing McClain’s perceived lack of work ethic as a significant obstacle. While acknowledging reported disciplinary issues at Colorado, Waters believes McClain’s attitude towards hard work may pose a greater challenge, although he considers the risk of recruiting him worthwhile from both perspectives.

Florida emerging for Colorado transfer Cormani McClain

McClain’s decision to leave Colorado after showing promise under Deion Sanders’ coaching represents a broader trend in modern college football recruiting, where players may commit to a school out of high school but later transfer for various reasons. While this approach isn’t illegal, it may not sit well with traditionalists in the college football community. Despite this, if McClain can overcome his challenges and excel at Florida, Gators fans will surely embrace him.

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