July 23, 2024

The 2024 NHL Draft brings anticipation for Montreal Canadiens fans, with the team holding 12 picks, although not all have confirmed ranks yet.

Despite predictions foreseeing a bottom-five finish, the Canadiens secured the 5th overall pick and a dozen selections for the summer.

As attention turns to the draft in May, determining the rank of each pick becomes pivotal for the Canadiens’ draft strategy, be it through picks or trades.

Way-Too-Early Roster Projection for the Montreal Canadiens - The Hockey  News Montreal Canadiens News, Analysis, and More

Here’s a breakdown of notable picks:

Winnipeg Jets 1st-Round Pick: Currently projected between 24th and 27th overall depending on playoff outcomes.

Colorado Avalanche 2nd-Round Pick: Expected to fall between 57th and 65th overall, contingent on playoff results.

Edmonton Oilers 7th-Round Pick: Anticipated to range from 217th to 225th overall, based on Edmonton’s playoff performance.

These picks underscore the importance of playoff outcomes in finalizing their ranks and subsequently shaping the Canadiens’ draft plans.

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