May 19, 2024

Trent Noah, hailing from Harlan County, has chosen to join the Kentucky Wildcats after being released from his previous commitment with South Carolina. Mark Pope, along with Kentucky, secured Noah’s commitment, adding another local talent to their roster for the 2024-2025 season. Pope emphasized Noah’s exceptional shooting skills and described him as a gritty and determined player who embodies the spirit of eastern Kentucky. Noah, a highly regarded prospect, opted for Kentucky after his release from South Carolina, expressing a desire to pursue basketball opportunities closer to home.

Noah, a proficient shooter known for his prowess beyond the arc, is recognized as one of the top players in his class. Despite initially committing to South Carolina, he decided to switch to Kentucky to play in front of his home crowd. His decision was influenced by his strong ties to his hometown of Baxter, Kentucky, and his desire to contribute to his home state’s basketball legacy.

Trent Noah breaks Harlan County scoring record

With a historic high school career that includes impressive scoring records, Noah brings valuable experience and skill to the Wildcats. His addition to the team, alongside fellow Kentucky native Travis Perry, reflects Pope’s commitment to recruiting local talent. Pope has emphasized the importance of instate recruits, highlighting their unique contribution to the team’s spirit and success.

Notably, Noah’s recruitment by Kentucky did not occur during John Calipari’s tenure. He will join Perry and other incoming freshmen, including Collin Chandler, to form a promising roster under Pope’s leadership. Additionally, Kentucky has bolstered its roster with several transfers, further enhancing its depth and talent for the upcoming season.

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