May 27, 2024

Koby Brea, formerly of Dayton, has committed to Kentucky under new head coach Mark Pope, known for his emphasis on three-point shooting. Brea, who led the nation in three-point shooting last season, chose Kentucky over other prominent programs.

Pope praised Brea’s efficiency and shooting prowess, expressing excitement for the upcoming season. Brea, eager to contribute to Kentucky’s success, highlighted Pope’s coaching style and the opportunity to elevate his game. The 6-foot-6 guard from New York had a notable career at Dayton, earning recognition for his scoring and shooting abilities.

National 3-point shooting leader Koby Brea becomes the 5th transfer this  week to land at Kentucky – KXAN Austin

In his final season with Dayton, Brea showcased his skills in the NCAA Tournament, further enhancing his appeal. His addition marks Kentucky’s sixth transfer acquisition, alongside incoming freshmen, for the upcoming season

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