May 27, 2024

According to a report by Tim Graham of The Athletic, Terry Pegula, the owner of the Buffalo Bills, has recently transferred a portion of his ownership in the team to his daughter, Laura.

This transfer of ownership happened sometime after the 2023 NFL owners’ meetings in Phoenix, where Laura represented the Bills. The move positions Laura, Terry’s daughter from his first marriage, as part of the succession plan for the Bills’ ownership. Teams are required to update their succession plans with the NFL annually, and Laura’s increased involvement with both the Bills and the Buffalo Sabres (also owned by Pegula) over the past year suggests her growing role. However, the exact nature of her responsibilities remains unclear to Bills and Sabres staff.

Pegula family selling portion of Bills ownership stake: Sources - The  Athletic

Previously, Terry’s wife Kim Pegula played a significant role in both teams’ management and was seen as the primary successor before suffering health issues in 2022. Terry became her guardian in February 2023. Kim was known for her hands-on approach and public presence within the Buffalo sports community.

The Pegula family’s original succession plan involved Kim managing both teams before passing ownership to their children, with Jessica Pegula, a professional tennis player, initially seen as the likely successor. However, recent developments, including Jessica’s husband Taylor Gahagen being let go from Pegula Sports and Entertainment, have led to changes in the succession plan.

The exact timing and percentage of the ownership transfer from Terry to Laura are not specified in the report. Additionally, there are indications that further changes may occur within the Bills’ ownership group, as Pegula has reportedly put 25% of the team up for sale, according to Graham’s earlier report.

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