May 19, 2024

Alabama Football’s activity in the Spring Transfer Portal has been slower than anticipated, but it doesn’t spell failure for their 2024 roster goals. While there haven’t been major additions yet, the return of Kadyn Proctor is a significant move for the team.

Despite expectations fueled by media speculation, Alabama fans haven’t seen the key player acquisitions they were hoping for. However, the lack of action so far doesn’t rule out future additions.

Before new players can be brought in, some roster pruning may be necessary. The team currently counts 85 scholarship players for the 2024 roster, including Proctor. Coach Kalen DeBoer has hinted at adding four or five new players, suggesting there may be openings due to transfers.

Social media reacts as Kadyn Proctor announces Iowa football as transfer  destination - Yahoo Sports

DeBoer’s recent statement about still having scholarships available raises questions about potential outgoing transfers. It’s possible that the coaching staff already knows about some players intending to transfer.

Alternatively, DeBoer and his team might have identified specific positions to target for recruitment, such as offensive line, secondary, and possibly placekicker.

So far, the Alabama roster has only seen a few walk-ons enter the Transfer Portal, indicating a relatively quiet period. With many spring games yet to be played, players may wait for additional feedback before making transfer decisions.

It seems unlikely that there will be a sudden exodus of Alabama players seeking new teams. DeBoer emphasizes the importance of any transfer additions fitting into the team culture and not causing disruption. While they’re open to enhancing the program with new talent, they’re mindful of maintaining team cohesion.

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