May 27, 2024

The New Orleans Saints, lacking third or fourth-round picks, are inclined to trade up in the upcoming NFL Draft. Known for their proactive approach, they prefer not to wait for players to fall into their lap. This year, they might leverage their surplus of day three picks to move up, or they could explore player-for-pick trades, a strategy less frequently seen but still viable on draft night.

James Hurst, a backup offensive lineman for the Saints, presents a potential trade option. While not the most glamorous move, trading Hurst could be pragmatic given his limited impact despite his versatility. With the Saints possibly eyeing offensive line upgrades, dealing Hurst could free up cap space with minimal repercussions. The Jacksonville Jaguars and the New York Jets, both in need of offensive line depth, could be suitable trade partners offering fourth-round picks.

Saints OL James Hurst retires after 10 seasons in the NFL

Pete Werner, despite his popularity among fans, is another player the Saints might consider trading. While he has shown promise, his performance dipped in the 2023 season, raising questions about his future. With Werner entering a contract year and potential contract demands looming, the Saints may opt to trade him now to avoid future cap constraints. The Green Bay Packers, seeking linebacker help, could be interested in acquiring Werner.

LB Pete Werner announced as this year's Saints nominee for the Salute to  Service Award - Canal Street Chronicles

Marshon Lattimore’s trade rumors have circulated since the 2023 season’s end, driven by reported tensions with the Saints’ front office. While all parties desire resolution, a trade might not occur on draft night due to the hefty dead cap hit it would entail. However, if a first-round pick is offered, particularly by win-now teams like the Detroit Lions or the Baltimore Ravens, a trade could materialize, albeit likely post-June 1st to mitigate financial implications.

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