May 27, 2024

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis has outlined the team’s strategy for the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft, recognizing the pressing need to address various positions. Loomis emphasized the possibility of trading up or down by ten spots in the first round, a strategy reminiscent of statements made over a decade ago regarding the 2013 draft.

Speaking at a pre-draft press conference, Loomis expressed the team’s parameters, indicating a willingness to move within a range of 10 spots either ahead or behind the Saints’ No. 15 pick in the first round. Despite the absence of a second-round pick due to sanctions related to Bountygate, Loomis clarified that this hasn’t significantly increased the team’s inclination to trade their first-round selection.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis reflects on 2023 season, recent personnel changes

Loomis also highlighted the potential to acquire players of similar caliber by moving back three or four spots, though cautioned that the quality might not be as consistent with larger moves of eight to ten spots.

Acknowledging the team’s need for a starting offensive tackle within the first two rounds, Loomis pointed to the talent available on the offensive side of this year’s draft class. This remark could subtly indicate the team’s focus on addressing their evident offensive requirements with their current top 15 selection.

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