May 27, 2024

The New York Yankees have witnessed positive developments with star pitcher Gerrit Cole’s recovery from an elbow injury that sidelined him at the beginning of the season. Despite Cole’s impending return, the team appears to be exploring avenues to bolster its pitching depth for a playoff push. Even before Cole’s injury, the front office had shown interest in acquiring free agents like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery, as well as pursuing trades for Dylan Cease.

Now, there’s speculation that the Yankees could leverage their top-ranked prospect, Everson Pereira, in their pursuit of additional pitching talent. According to ESPN’s Dave Schoenfield in his “early MLB 2024 trade deadline preview,” the Yankees may be inclined to part ways with Pereira, who has seen his stock decline somewhat after struggling during a brief call-up to the majors last season. Pereira currently ranks as the fifth-best player in the Yankees’ farm system, boasting impressive speed and arm strength.

New York Yankees Cannot Waste Prime Years Of Gerrit Cole's Career

While Pereira has shown potential as a power hitter in the outfield, his scouting report indicates concerns about his swing-and-miss tendencies and strikeouts due to an aggressive approach. However, his strong performances in the minor leagues, including a solid showing in Triple-A this season, could make him an enticing asset for teams in need of outfield depth and power potential.

One potential trade scenario involves the Yankees pursuing Jesus Luzardo from the Miami Marlins as a starting pitching option. However, the Marlins may demand Spencer Jones, another highly regarded outfield prospect, in return. Despite the Yankees’ reluctance to part with Jones in previous trade discussions, they have explored alternative offers, including proposals for Dylan Cease from the Chicago White Sox.

If the Yankees can convince another team that Pereira’s minor league success reflects his true potential, they may be able to secure pitching help without relinquishing their most coveted outfield prospects. This strategy could allow them to address their pitching needs while maintaining a strong foundation of talent in the outfield.

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