May 19, 2024

Patrick Mahomes is thrilled with his wife Brittany’s bold new red hairstyle. Brittany recently unveiled her fiery red locks in a sultry photo shoot, and Patrick couldn’t help but express his love for the look. Sharing the photos on Instagram with the caption “Feeling spicy,” Brittany received a seal of approval from Patrick, who reshared the images on his Instagram Stories accompanied by a single red heart, showcasing his affection.

Patrick Mahomes' wife Brittany is 'feeling spicy' with new red hair look -  ABC News

Brittany’s stunning transformation, likely achieved with the help of a wig and hairstylist Laurabeth Cabott, was showcased in the photo shoot, where she rocked the vibrant red hair with confidence. From posing in jeans and a tiny black top to capturing selfies with her daughter Sterling while dressed down in gray sweats, Brittany exuded glamour and style throughout the shoot.

Known for her love of glam moments, Brittany’s recent hair transformation adds to her repertoire of striking looks, following her debut in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit earlier this year. As a Rookie in this year’s issue, Brittany showcased her Chiefs-red swimwear in steamy photos, including a captivating shot in a teeny-tiny red bikini against the backdrop of Belize. Despite her changing hairstyles and glamorous shoots, Brittany’s natural charm and beauty always shine through, captivating fans and followers alike.

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