May 20, 2024

Texans minority owner E. Javier Loya resolved a legal case with a $100 fine in a Kentucky court after facing accusations of rape and abuse. Loya’s lawyer, Andrew J. Sarne, stated that Loya agreed to a charge of “harassment with intent to annoy,” a class B misdemeanor, while all seven counts he faced were dismissed by prosecutors. The charges included first-degree rape, first-degree sexual abuse, and third-degree sexual abuse, stemming from incidents after 2022 parties at his Louisville residence where models he had hired accused him of misconduct.

Javier Loya: Texans Co-owner on Growing Diversity in the NFL

Despite maintaining his innocence, Loya entered an Alford plea, acknowledging that there was enough evidence for a potential guilty verdict. He agreed to a 90-day prison sentence, which would be discharged and expunged with two years of good behavior. Prosecutors cited “evidentiary issues” in dismissing the charges, although Loya admitted to subjecting the victim to physical contact, including one accusation of unauthorized touching.

It remains uncertain whether the NFL will take action under its personal conduct policy or if Loya’s role in Texans ownership will be affected. Loya, a co-founder of OTC Global Holdings and a part-owner of the Texans since their inception in 2002, has expressed relief at resolving the legal matter and aims to focus on his family and return to normalcy.

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