May 27, 2024

The city of Baltimore has faced significant challenges in recent weeks following the collapse of the prominent Baltimore Bridge on March 26. In a show of unity and support for their community, both the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL and the Baltimore Orioles of MLB have joined forces to aid in the recovery efforts.

Economic cost of the Baltimore bridge collapse | Brookings

The Ravens and Orioles recently announced a substantial joint donation of $10 million towards the recovery of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, commonly known as the Baltimore Bridge. Each team has contributed $5 million to the Maryland Tough Baltimore Strong Key Bridge Fund, managed by the Baltimore Community Foundation. This fund is dedicated to assisting in the bridge’s reconstruction and providing support to the affected families, communities, first responders, port workers, and small businesses impacted by the tragedy.

In an official joint statement released by Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti on Friday, both teams expressed their commitment to aiding in the recovery efforts. Orioles owner David M. Rubenstein also expressed gratitude to Governor Wes Moore for allowing them the opportunity to contribute their support. Additionally, they provided a link for the public to make donations as they see fit.

The catastrophic event occurred when a cargo ship, dubbed “The Star-Spangled Banner” in reference to the author of America’s national anthem, collided with the bridge, resulting in extensive damage and loss of life. Six construction workers were reported dead, with three bodies recovered and three still missing.

Since the tragic incident, both the Ravens and Orioles have shown unwavering support through various media platforms. Immediate response efforts by emergency crews and first responders were crucial in rescuing victims from the collapse. Baltimore’s Governor is now seeking approximately $60 million for expedited recovery efforts to restore the bridge and aid the affected community.

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