May 27, 2024

The Buffalo Bills’ General Manager, Brandon Beane, disclosed that he and quarterback Josh Allen had discussed the possibility of trading Stefon Diggs before it happened, addressing speculation that had lingered over the past two offseasons. Last week, the anticipated move finally came to fruition, with Diggs departing for the Houston Texans in exchange for a 2025 second-round pick, altering the AFC’s landscape.

Who Gives a (Bleep)!' Buffalo Bills GM Brandon Beane Reveals Truth About QB  Draft Trades - Sports Illustrated Buffalo Bills News, Analysis and More

Although the transaction seemed sudden, Beane assured that Allen was kept informed throughout the process. Beane emphasized the importance of maintaining open communication with Allen to prevent any surprises. Despite public statements suggesting harmony, tensions between Allen and Diggs had reportedly escalated over the past couple of seasons, marked by sideline disagreements, including a notable incident after a Week 1 loss to the New York Jets.

However, despite any interpersonal issues, Allen and Diggs undeniably formed one of the NFL’s most prolific quarterback-wide receiver partnerships over the last four years. Diggs thrived in Buffalo, leading the league in receptions and yards in his first season with Allen, consistently posting impressive statistics in receptions, yards, and touchdowns each season they played together.

Conversely, Allen’s performance also saw a significant boost with Diggs on the roster, consistently achieving high passing yardage and touchdown numbers. The Bills’ success with Diggs was evident in Allen’s impressive record as a starter, particularly highlighting their impact on Allen’s MVP candidacy in multiple seasons.

Beane acknowledged the duo’s significance, noting Diggs’ ascension to All-Pro status upon joining the Bills and Allen’s enhanced performance. When in sync, Beane suggested that Allen and Diggs rivaled the most formidable quarterback-wide receiver combinations in the league.

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